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The Adventures of Science Club is an after school science program for grades 1-8 that meets on-site in our partner schools. We believe that if you hear something, you forget it; if you see something, you remember it; but if you build something, you learn it. In our club, students explore science in Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Astronomy, and Earth Science and more through hands on experiments and projects, all while having fun. The environment of the club encourages critical thinking and problem solving, giving students the tools for success.


After School Science
September - May

The students meet for 90 minutes a week right after school, separated into age groups. They take turns reading the lesson aloud, then perform a hands-on experiment or project, and spend the remaining time working on worksheets and interactive games that reinforce what they learned. Click on the picture or the learn more button to visit our After School Science page for more details, or click the enroll button to sign up.

Summer Science
June - August

The Summer Science Program are week long camps that vary in theme year to year. The camps run Monday - Friday, and are usually the same hours as school, with more time being available as needed. Click on the picture above or the learn more button below to visit our Summer Science Page for the camp themes, schedules, and information, or click the enroll button to sign up.


Our Mission

To ensure students maintain their interest in science as they get older while building a strong foundation in the basics of science, allowing them to succeed in upper level High School and College science classes through hands-on experiments and projects showing the fun of science



Our program wouldn’t be the success it is without the partnership of our schools. If you are interested in our program partnering with your school or district, please fill out the form to the right and a representative will contact you about the possibility of our program joining your curriculum.

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